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The beard has once again, through Darwinian selection, become all the rage. Lee Niels’ photo project “Beards Of Bath” wants to find all of those weird and wonderful people who grow out their facial hair and have them come forth to The Bell Pub, Walcot Street on Friday 16th May to have their beards immortalised by the camera for all to see.

Let us celebrate these wonderful people who grow out their facial hair with an evening of photographs taken by the fantastic photographer Lee Niel. The images taken on Friday the 16th May will be a part of the Bath Fringe Festival exhibition all along Walcot Street. So even if you can’t, for some inexcusable reason, make the “Beards Of Bath” event you will still be able to see the images as part of the exhibition.

So if you want to remember your beard for the rest of time, you can! Just pop down to The Bell and enjoy a pint as well as a lovely photograph of your beard to one day show your children as all participants will get a copy of their image.

Any beards are welcome: Big beards, Bushy Beards, Styled Beards, Small Beards, Moustaches, Sideburns and whatever else facial hair can produce (even fake beards!).

Beards Of Bath is part of the Bath Fringe Arts Fesitval.


Here are the best of those beautiful Beards Of Bath:

IMG_0010_porter boys hector dave IMG_0099_Harry 1 IMG_0546_Alex P IMG_0175_Al lee martyn IMG_0982_Grant IMG_1358_Matt B IMG_0742_Gimson IMG_0965_David ed mick IMG_0830_Paul S IMG_1007_Al IMG_0914_Paul IMG_1522_john tom calvyn IMG_1399_Rob IMG_1635 Denzil C IMG_1100_Robbie IMG_0884_Jamie IMG_0366_Phil IMG_0443_H_S Chris IMG_0602_Paul R IMG_0848_David H james arran IMG_1685 IMG_0488_phillip joshua stuart IMG_1797 Nick S peter dan IMG_0670_tom IMG_1269 IMG_1386_Nick IMG_1759_James T IMG_1723_Max May IMG_1707_morton IMG_1035_adam IMG_1125_Gordon IMG_1183_Jamie O andy james IMG_1250_ Oliver T IMG_1065_Rufus IMG_1573_Tim B IMG_1847_Giuseppe nick will IMG_1479_Alistair R james bish IMG_1828_david s IMG_1843_al david IMG_1430_Al D IMG_0692 Patrick IMG_1874_Twitch IMG_1909_Olly IMG_1922_ed oli IMG_1937_Lewie

phil jodi


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