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    Hello and welcome to my website. I hope you like looking through my images which cover everything from wedding & fashion photography to music & commercial photography. I have been a photographer in Bath for the past 15 years working across all areas of photography. I live by the mantra that If you make your obsession your profession you’ll never have to work again.

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I became enamoured with photography at a young age and soon as I got my chance to document with the camera I began to travel all over the world to capture images of people and cultures that were a mystery to me. It was the beginning of a beautiful journey that ended up becoming a living and a career as well as my favourite past time. After seeing my personal reportage photography shot on the streets of Spain, Greece, New Zealand and Australia some close friends approached me to shoot their wedding. I approached the wedding in much the same intuitive method that I employed in my reportage work and the end result was a personalised picture story of their day. They had said how unique the photos were and how it reflected a different style.It was very well received and resulted in a Bath & Bristol wedding magazine featuring the photographs in an editorial piece about my work. I feel that my reportage work was the influence behind that. And the rest, as they say, is history.

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